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Welcome to my WEB

Hi. I'm Spinner. My human isn't here right now, but I'll be very happy to help you learn your way around. Although I've always known a lot about webs, my mother never told me about this great big "World Wide" web. I'm so excited to have all this space! Lots of great "bugs" around, but none that could hurt you.

You'll notice that lots of space is dedicated to Eastern Airlines. Alexa spent 18 years in their skies and marketing department. If you are interested in planes, you could also check MACV Productions. This is another ex-eal person who did some great color shots and mounted them on magnets.

Our web is still being decorated, so please come back often to see the changes my human and I have made. We've already made lots of friends, as you'll see. Their names are listed here. You can also learn about my human pet, Alexa. She has animal pets named Addie, Flaps and Throttle. This group is as different as an insect and a bug, but for "beings", they are really OK. So, find yourself a good spot with your browser and let's go EXPLORE!


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MACV Productions--some great EAL shots!
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The Internet is one of the most exciting new developments since the Industrial Revolution! Don't miss your opportunity to be a player!

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